Day 9 at IBM

Consolidation day as tube strike.  Hoping to catch up on Watson tomorrow if possible around Tivoli as I think Watson is brilliant!


Day 8 at IBM

Hursley at Winchester is brilliant!  I met with John Owen who went through more with me on Agile (obviously used throughout the organization).  He gave me some good ideas for case studies for students.

I then saw the Emerging Technolgies Demo Lab.  This was amazing! I have learned about some of the technology IBM are looking at and how it is done.  I will definitely be playing with Node Red – there are so many opportunities for students to “play” and explore options combining science with computing.  He also went through a bit more with me about Raspberry Pi – how easy is this to get working with the right knowledge!

Dave showed me round the IBM Museum which was brilliant and filled in quite a few gaps.  I showed my age by saying lots of times “I used to work on one of those..” umm.  He used the punch cards to get me to understand binary, no small feat trust me but it was so easy and I now feel confident to teach it.  Can’t believe the websites made it seem so hard..

Day 7 at IBM

I met with two of the interns working with IBM and specifically working on the Ignite Programme which is a 6-week programme to get young people into work.  They were knowledgeable and keen to share what they know and gave me useful areas to research and develop to help improve the employment prospects for some of our students.

They really believe that they got their placement year because of their experiences and extra-curricular activity outside of university.  Doyin is an Ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Suzanna took on additional roles with the Student Union.

In the afternoon I met with Andreas who is head of sales for Middleware.  He made me very welcome and I shadowed him at various meetings (teleconferencing and in person).  It was interesting to see how IBM use information they gather and how it can identify potential new customer channels.

Day 6 at IBM

Today I met with the IBM Studio team.  They gave me an amazing insight into how they use Agile to empower their staff to generate quick and effective results for their customers.agile1  It was impressive to see how they work together and take responsibility for the outcomes and how they manage the scrum meetings.  I am planning to have a go at using Agile where possible in my teamwork exercises as I can see the benefits, and I think students would benefit from this level of engagement and responsibility too.  I am even planning to read some of the books! The team were really helpful and spent a lot of time going through their roles and giving me background information on what they do and the technical elements of front end and back end development. Thank you guys.

Day 4 at IBM

Today I met with John Easton who is heading up the new team of Cloud Advisors that are helping to transform the business by taking advantage of the cloud.  John introduced me to the concepts of the cloud and helped me to understand the key definitions of the cloud which links in well with one of our new curriculum areas.  I have come away with a much better understanding of how it works and how clients are using it in the business.  It tied in nicely with what I had learned previously on Bluemix and has improved my confidence with teaching about the cloud and using it.  John also was very helpful with some of the more basic IT qustions that I wanted to ask which was brilliant and showed me some very interesting videos and adverts that will support my student’s understanding of the cloud and other technology.

Day 3 at IBM

I started the day with Anthony to look at Bluemix which is a cloud app that helps you develop, track, plan, and deploy software in one place.  It looks a really good piece of software and I can’t wait to play with it more.  Watch this space!

Anthony also introduced me to the Raspberry Pi and told me where to get some resources to help me introduce it into my classes as well as showing me the Sensor Tag sensor tag and how I can use it in my classroom.  He helped me to think about some of the things I can play with and do to develop both my skills and to make my classes more fun next year while introducing some of the new curriculum into my classroom.

Lots of playing for me to do!

In the afternoon I met Inderpal who introduced me into his world of Analytics.  He introduced me to a friend of his Paula and we had a lovely discussion about technology and having the confidence to “play” and develop skills which was very helpful. I had a very lively and motivating session with Inderpal.  He told me lots of “snippits” that I can use back in the classroom and there is a very interesting way we can interact with Watson that I am keen to follow up on.  inderpal had a catch up with Marius and they chatted through the more technical elements of data, how it is structured and how it is used which I think I kept up with! Very interesting examples that again I will be able to take into the classroom with me.

Amazing day – so much information and so many notes but very productive.